August 25th, 2021

James - totally fascinated

Photos #1 (well of this week)

Yes, here are some of the photos that I promised you. Brenda and I picked up Christine on the way and we went to Cotehele, which is just over the Cornish border. The place was self-suffiecient in many ways, with a mill, a lime kiln, noorings for fishing, and a lovely house. from a 21st century point of view, another real part of the story was that the Edgecumbe family built the house in 1458, but after less than 35 years the family moved nearer to Plymouth and built a larger house. So the house is mostly left in "Tudor" times, with very little changes. The mill etc were used through to Victorian times, so there were more changes in them.

So, enjoy -

The 3 of us


The Great Hall


The "double" door in the main bedroom


This tapestry has been in location since the house was built
Prosthetic arm of French or German origin and which probably dates from 1550

The Mill


The Lime kiln

With Brenda
James - buzz cut & name.

I Thought Tuesday Would Be OK ...

... After work yesterday I went into Exeter as I needed a haircut (I know that people say that my hair was lovely, but it's very thick, and the weight gets on my nerve, especially during the summer).  So I went to the bank, and then to the hairdressors ... it is one of them that you turn up and await your turn.  But I sat for about an hour, as things were busy.  I was suprised with that.  Anyway I now have short, thinned out hair, so it was worth spending a chunk of my day there (& I had taken my Kindle with me)

Today's clinic went well, although for some reason it seemed to go very slowly.  At least they all turned up, and were reasonable men.  Tomorrow we have 3 of the 5 teenagers, which is more unusual.

I am starting to post some photos as well today, so will try and get the rest done tomorrow.

Today I need to write a letter - it is to my Grandmother's cousin (yes, you read that correctly!).  All being well she will be 100 at the end of November.  however today I need to send her a short note, as Mum & Dad started sending her Bible reading notes about 15 years ago and I have kept that going.  So write today & post tomorrow on my afternoon walk.

But before I go -

24. Have you ever slammed the door when you were mad?
LOL - oh yes!  Mum & Dad always called in "wooden swearing".  In the house I grew up in our kitchen door could really slam!

25. How old were you when you met your first love?
Does James count?
(ie no love to talk about)

I will try to catch up with comments later.