August 11th, 2021

Spike - face + body + my name

Blame Claire ... & Tim

i had aimed to be around yesterday, as today I knew would be rushed ... and I won't be around for a couple of days as Brenda is here.

Yesterday I had the day off work to take Claire to a work appointment, and as well as shopping I sat and read in the car. That was the plan, as well as her getting me lunch as thanks. We ended up coming back to Exeter and then walked into the city where she bought lunch - lovely. However we then ended up buying a cake and a can of drink and sitting on the Cathedral Green chatting. before I knew it the hours had passed, so we decided to walk home with Tim as he finished work. Tim left work about 5.30 and we headed towards my place, but as we passed a pub Tim commented on food ... and we ended up going in, and had dinner (which they also paid for!). So by the time we had eaten and chatted it was gone 8 by the time I had got home, and was over-full, and nicely tired, so the computer didn't get swutched on, so I missed yesterday here.

Today work went well, and I have cleaning to do, and food to prepaire as I have Brenda arriving about 5, and T&C coming about 6.30 for dinner (they don't know Brenda will be here!)

But, before I head off to be "busy" I will catch up, and work ahead -

10. What craft project do you want to do next?

I want to get back to some knitting I have started ... and maybe start making a patchwork throw.

11. Do you have any family members that you've never met?

I only have 2 cousins, but haven't seen them for 27 years, so although I have met them, I wouldn't recognize them now.

12. When it comes to friends, what's the biggest thing you have in common?

Some - LJ
Some - James
Some - sight-seeing & photography
Some - faith
Some - just that "something" that makes you click

13. Did you ever hit anything while learning to drive?

I bumped up a kerb while taking mmy driving test! (Does that count)

Right, that's me up to date - See you Saturday x