July 30th, 2021


St Swithun Was Wrong

Well, we did get a bit of rain overnight, and it's now quite grey with a bit more rain forecast over the next few days. Well we actually had a dry St Swithun's (15 July) - so that means that we should have had 40 days dry, as the poem from 1599 goes -

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin's day if thou be fair
For forty days 'twill rain nae mair.

Oh well, the other side of my nature thinks that it's normal for an English summer!!

On another note I am still working hard at splitting up my days to help my CFS. I honestly think it is beginning to work, because over this last week I haven't reached the "crash" point. So I do my normal things, but try to split jobs, do mental things, physical things, etc in split sections ... and yes, have 3 half hour gaps where I sit and read (I am meant to sit and do nothing, but actually relax easier to read fan-fics!!). So, although it's a long way to go I do feel that I am going to have a positive outcome at some point in the future.

So having written that, I need to change "jobs" ... so ...

30. What would you miss most if you moved from the area you currently live in?

I feel I am near everything, one of my brothers (in fact the other is only 90 mins away), shops, transport, hospital, parks .... but also 1/2 hour away from the sea, or moors ... so really there is so much that I would miss
M&D wedding


Well as I have mentioned a couple of times with the photos I have posted, I was on holiday in The Lake Distict, and staying in the town of Keswick The main reason that I started to plan this trip (a couple of years ago) was to go to The Keswick Convention It was in it's 145th year ... the first year Dad went was 1947 and then was a steward for the next couple of years while he was at Bible College. In 1950 Mum & Dad both went, and then stayed on for another week, in different hotels, of course. They had only met up for an occasional day, and were mostly in contact by letter, so decided they needed to spend this week to actually get to know each other ... and whether they had a "future". And, yes, they got engaged that Christmas! I had always said I would go - so I did. Last year they had moved from the venue they would have known to an abandoned pencil factory (and, yes, I went round the museum while I was there, as well!)

As I as heading into the Convention one morning -

The world's largest pencil ... The yellow pencil was completed on 28 May 2001, is 7.91 metres (26 ft) long, and weighs 446.36 kilograms (984.1 lb)

Keswick is one of the main holiday resorts for The Lake District





Yes, they have a museum -
Napolean's Teacup
Musical Stones, made in 1785

As it was so hot I didn't do much travelling around, but there again the lake is beautiful and nice to spend time just reading & people-watching. (I also did a trip on a boat on Dewentwater on Thursday)







On the outskirts of Keswick is Castlerigg Stone Circle which I did go and see -