July 26th, 2021


I'm Back ... Have You Missed Me?

That was a lovely, but very hot, holiday.

I will post some photos off and on over the next few days, with details about the images, rather than do a full write-up in one go!.  I had a day in the city of Lichfield, a day at the Memorial Arboretum, then a week in the Lake District (including a Christian Convention) and a trip home via my Aunt.

Great time, good fun ... but very hot.

Now I am back and worked this morning ... although we only had 3 patients, 2 children and a man ... all nice people, and it all went well and quickly.

Now I have a lot of catching up to do, including shopping for food!

I doubt I will have time to catch up with all your news, so if I missed anything vital do let me know ... otherwise I will try and catch up soon.  But, before I go -

26. Do you like makeup?
No - I wear nail varnish.
But I was never brought up to wear make-up, so never got into the habit