July 6th, 2021


There Are Some Odd People Around!

Well at least it wasn't the patients that were mad (well one of them was!!), but one of the elderly patients had come with a local hospital transport.  The patient was ready, and we phoned the taxi-lady .... half an hour later she arrived to find out if we needed her as she hadn't got her phone with her and had gone for a walk!  Surely if that's her job for the morning, she goes for a walk to fill the time ... but takes her phone with her!  Odd!!!!

Oh well, the phrase goes "it takes all sorts to make a world", and I am sure that I know that by now working in the department I do!

As ever -

6. If I looked in your fridge right now, what would I find?
Actually it would look OK at present - milk, yoghurt, fruit & veg ... and the space where the chocolate usually lives is empty, so looking OK!!
Wine glass at sunset

Celebrating My 60th

As I said I met up with Claire on the afternoon of my birthday ... we had talked about afternoon tea, but ended up with Eton Mess & cider .... lovely



As we walked up to meet Tim we saw this lovely floral display -

And so back to Tim & Claires - where we had steak dinner.  As you can see they had decorated .... and got me a cake.  As I have said all along, I felt totally spoilt