July 5th, 2021

Do Not Disturb - James!

Yes, I Have Been MIA .... Again


Today I actually had an appointment with the Chronic Fatigue team, who think I may have long Covid ... but ultimately the same symptoms occur, so in learning that I am no better off!  However I had an hour long appt and she was very thorough and has given me some hints and advice ... I just now need to lear to do it!  Rather than keep going ubtil I "crash" I need to have at leat 4 half hour gaps of total relaxation, but not sleep.  I have 7 weeks, and then another appt to see how things are going, but the hope is that if I am a good girl, I should be able to then slowly decrease the down times slowly ... so hopefully this will help me to get my life back.  So having thought that it would not be any help I do now have hope of a positive resolution.

But due to another day out, and tiredness, I am all behind with my questions ... so, here goes -

2. What was the last thing you bought used?
Obviously I am brain dead, as that doesn't make sense to me!

3. Has anyone ever told you that you're getting too competitive over minor things?
Some family card games

4. What was the first thing you ever saved up to buy with your own money?
All my money is mine .... but am saving for my trip to China in a couple of years (I can't have enough spending money for that!)

5. After high school – straight to college or straight to work?
College - I traine to be an osteopath

Well that's me up to date (sort of).  So will sign off.  I do have a few photos (finally) uploaded, so will post them in a minute
James - Discovery Channel

Almost 1,000 Years Of History

As part of my birthday celebrations I (as I have already told you) met up with my best friend for lunch. After lunch we had a walk, and then they headed home, and headed sight-seeing before leaving the town.

Yes, on Wednesday I went to Okehampton Castle ... and here are a few photos of the ruins. truly stunning that some of the building (at the top of the hill) was actually started 2 years after the Norman Conquest, and was lived in until until the time of Henry VIII

Apparently there is a ghost in residence, but she didn't visit while I was there.

The piscina in the Chapel








My Actual 60th

On my actual 60th about 10 days ago now, I had plans for mid afternoon onwards ... but nothing before that. So I decided to walk into Exeter, had a MacD's (my first in ages!), and then walked round the museum, and spent some time in the Cathedral.

The Royal Albert Museum is a confused place ... lots of exhibits, but some very unusual groupings. With Covid there is a one way system ... but I still managed to get lost!

I do love the Cathedral ... starated in 1107, and finished by 1400 (and survived the bombings of WWII). It is a stunning building with the longest uninterrupted medieval vaulted ceiling in the world, at about 96 m (315 ft).[5]

The Royal Albert Museum ... Prince Albert, in the main hall



See what I mean about random collections -
Those hands are huge -
Made for the museum -

Love this glass jug, made in AD 100  (Exeter was under Roman occupation)

The Cathedral -
The 18-metre-high (59 ft) bishop's throne in the choir was made from Devon oak between 1312 and 1316;


The long nave -


The minstrels' gallery in the nave dates to around 1360 and is unique in English cathedrals