June 26th, 2021

James - pointing finger

I Survived!

LOL - I have had the most amazing week of celebrations for My 60th ... a truly lovely time.  However what with one thing & another I haven't been around for a couple of days ... and am only here briefly as I have lots of photos to sort out, and then I will share some with you.

But, this is one that was taken on the actual day when I met my sister-in-law for afternoon tea ... well, in the end we had an Eton Mess, and a glass of cider!  Really a nice way to celebrate - back to theirs for a steak dinner, as well.  So they really did spoil me!

Yesterday I met with my friend Christine and we went to a National Trust ... it was so nice to be doing that again, although a couple of the rooms were closed, it was still lovely.

Today I had a late morning, then went to the shops, before a late lunch before heading upstaires to turn on the pc.  Now I have photos to sort, and edit .... but before I go -

24. Are you more of a visual learner or an auditory learner?

I like to listen, but make notes while I do

25. Which of your good habits has made the biggest positive difference in your life?

MMmmmm - don't know

26. What is your favorite tea brand?
I drink strong white tea, usually a cheepo brand, but in an evening I tend to have "Yorkshire" T

27. What's a hobby you've been thinking about starting?
I need to get back to the ones that I already do - my chronic fatigue is scrambling my brain too much!