June 14th, 2021


That Was A Long Weekend!!

Well I am back from my trip to see Auntie Joyce, and although I am now tired (despite having had a lazy day yesterday), I am not as tired as I expected to be so that is a positive point.

Auntie Joyce was "as normal" ... looking really well for the age of 94 -

However the journey up was very, very long.  Add breakdowns, to roadworks, to more breakdowns and it seemed to take forever.  Coming home on the Saturday I only got stopped once as there had beeen an accident ...
However I also got diverted by about 20 miles as one of the motorways was closed for roadworks.  So an easier trip.

So although I am tired, I am pleased I did the trip, and as I said am positive about the fact I am not totally shattered, although I shall be fairly lazy today.

On another posive note, my 2 special roses are in flower again.  The red one was Mum's favourite bush as a child (I think I have posted photos of it in the past).  The yellow one was given to me by a mother & daughter who I rode with when Jaykub died.  They pointed out that I had called him my golden boy a few times ... can't believe it's been 18years since I said goodbye to my man ... Jaykub you were very special ... a real golden boy.

This flower is just one in a bed near the entrance I use of the hospital.

Well, I am going to rest, and sorry I won't be catching up with everyone, but will try to do that later.  I have got to do some shopping, then be a good girl and rest.

Hope you are all well ... but, before I go -

14. Do you remember what you wore on your very first day of school?
No - I was 5
However I went to 6 schools overall and for the first day of the other 5 it would have been strict school uniforms ... all but my first were very strict.