June 8th, 2021

With Jiffy

Yes, I Blame Jiffy That I Was MIA Yesterday!

As I have already posted the pictures, I went to see Jiffy's new gravestone yesterday.

However I had problems getting out of Exeter as there is a new building developement and they were having problems with contractors, so the road was  very, very slow going.  Then I was on open road.  About half the trip is on slower routes, and as I was about half way along there, there was a diversion due to a burst water main.  It was a very beautiful scenic trip, that took an extra 40 minutes from normal.  So a long drive (and with my calf muscle still sore) I was aching by the time I got there!  I then had to clean the stone before I could photograph it, as the birds had been busy!!!  (Just hope for Jiffy's sake that it wasn't a Magpie .... he really hated them)

So I took his temporary name-post to add to my back garden with Mum & Dad's.  I also chatted to one of the staff, who gave me scary news .... when he was buried he was with 2 other Westies ... now there are 7 of them grouped together ... Chaos must reign!

I was a good girl when I got back (and yes, I returned the "other" way home), and had a walk ... but by then it was tea-time, so I didn't switch on the pc.

Yes, I worked yesterday, and again this morning ... and have already had a mile long walk.  Now I am here, uploading photos to post ... and add to Facebook & Instagram .... but before I head off to do that -

7. When you were younger, were you ever in a relationship with someone you now realize was way too old for you?
Never been in a relationship - so, no!

8. How old were you the first time you travelled alone?
Local buses - about 14 - 15
Local trains - 16 - 17
Long journey - about 15