May 19th, 2021

Spuffy - season 7 B&W

Spuffy Day

... Yes, today is "my" day over at seasonal_spuffy.  I picked this day as it would have been my Jiffy's birthday, so that way I wouldn't forget the date!

I have split the post in two ... the next one being icons, but this one is a banner.  I had hoped to write something, but it wasn't coming together.  So maybe I will sort something out for a free day at the end of this round

I'm all you've got

As ever it is snaggable, and credits can be found at my icon journal - d4s_icons
With Jiffy

Wishing My Little Man A Happy Birthday ...

Yes, today Jiffy would have been 15..

I had thought about driving over there, but as healthwise I am doing OK I don't want to push myself back with the almost 2 hour drive.  However, this evening I am going to get chicken & chips from the chippy 5 minutes walk away.  It used to be a Saturday evening treat, and the last time I had them was the day he died, as Tim & Claire came over and we had the meal in tribute to him.  So, sadly I will be missing having to eat the chicken rapidly before Jiffy tried to snag some ... but I need to "honour" my little boy in some way.

So - just had to share a picture of him taken last April -


Yes, I still miss him ... a small person, but a huge character.

it is also the reason that I chose to do Spuffy posts today.

So work this morning, and again a nice set of people.  With 2 good days, I dread to think how tomorrow will go!  I actually walked for a bit longer today as it is a nice sunny day.

The other good news about that is that I have washing drying on the line.  I will admit I do like washing that is dried outside.  I have a tumble drier that Mum & Dad bought me about 20 years ago, and that was probably the last time I used it, so I am just presuming it still works!  I ought to check it out at some point in case I need it.

Well, having posted some icons today, I have 2 other sets of icons I am working on ... so ....

19. What kind of cheese do you put on your sandwiches?
Cheddar cheese ... it's about the only one I eat