May 4th, 2021


Happy Star Wars Day

Yes, today is Star Wars Day, so hope you are all polishing your light sabres!


I hadn't photographed anything for the prompt over at photo_scavenger until this morning.  And for breakfast I, as always, had a couple of mugs of tea.  (And as it's Star Wars Day today I used my Star Wars mug, of course)


It was actually a good clinic this morning - 5 relatively normal people ... so does that mean I have to worry about what tomorrow's patients will be like!

It is still a very cold wind, but at least the sun is out.  I have had a short walk this afternoon before turning on the pc.  And, before I turn off again -

4. How would you describe your last disappointment?
I suppose having to cancel meeting up with Brenda on Saturday ... chance to see her, and to do some sight-seeing wold have been lovely, so was upset that had to be cancelled

Well that's me up to date - now I'm going to make some icons as I am signd up on a couple of comms (wish me luck!)

Enjoy your day