May 1st, 2021


Happy Saturday Everyone

Well I have only been off the inhaler a day, yet I am actually feeling quite a lot better. So much so, I actually did a 5 mile walk today. (And I have a couple of photos to share) -





I walked to Topsham, which is on the Exe Estuary (about 4 miles from where I live, so yes, I caught the bus home as I didn't want to push things too much)

I had aimed to meet Brenda for the day today, but with the weather forecast we changed our plans. As you can see it was lovely this morning, but as I type this it is very heavy rain,

Now it's time to turn off the pc until Monday. Hope you all have a good weekend - but, as ever, -

1. Has a random person ever asked you for your phone number?

2. Do you have freckles?
As a child I did, but not now