April 30th, 2021


Exeter Colour

Yes, more PhotoFriday images!  I only walked round the short block this morning, but spotted some lovely colour, so am sharing them with you here.  It was a walk that Jiffy and I did at least every other day, so nice to re-trace those steps, but with another purpose.

Also, a short walk, a I am walking into the city later as I have a bra fitting.  That's the disadvantage of being "well endowered" ...you can't just pick up a cheepo bra, and the fitting changes from time to time.

i have also spoken to my GP (again) this morning.  He put me on a new treatment for my asthma as it was not great when I last saw him.  However this is the fourth time I have tried assorted long term treatments and it failed.  However I was a good girl and went on the new medication.  But, 2 weeks in and I am really struggling, so I needed to check with him before I stopped the inhaler.  So hopefully that is the answer for the worsening symptoms ... if not ... "panic"  Anyway, that was also the reason that I didn't catch up with you all yesterday as I am super-tired again.  So, let's "watch this space"!!

Anyway - here's some local colour.  Although the first is of a pot plant that I have had for years & years and this is the first time that it has flowered -

And, so local colours -












And - I thought I would spy on a neighbour, as well -

And, of course -

30. Have you ever been on an island?
Corfu, Kos, Rhodes, Madeira, Minorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria ... and in Britain - Anglesea, Isle of White, Brownsea Island & Canvey Island
(Think that's all)
ETA - I realise I forgot some - St Mary's, Guernsey & Herm
The advantage of loving to travel