April 29th, 2021

Jiffy - painting

I Have Ordered The Stone ...

Yes, I got a couple of quotes over the last couple of weeks, and now have ordered Jiffy's tombstone.  It won't be there in time for his birthday in May, but probably will be there for mine.  So, when it arrives I will post photos for those who want to see them.

It's been an odd week at work - a couple of patients who I could have gladly throttled!  Yesterday we actually had one patient who told me that he had been bored, and he had wasted 2 hours of his life ... I did point out that the consultant wanted results to help him ... however ... !!!!  Sometimes I just don't understand people!

Yesterday I wasn't online as I had a long awaited sports massage, and was a good girl in resting, drinking water & tea ... and a may have had some chocolate to help with the healing of the muscles!

I had actually made a plan to meet up with Brenda for a walk on saturday, as it's a Bank Holiday, however the weather doesn't look as if it's going to be helpful.  typical English Bank Holiday weekend, then!

So I am going to do some artwork now ... and will try and catch up with you all later.

As ever, before we go -

28. Would you consider yourself to be in shape?
Yes - round!
Well, that's a shape, isn't it?  (LOL)

29. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Not me driving - however the day before my 21st I was on a bike that was hit by a car doing 40+mph.  I have also been a passenger when we had a car drive into the back of us while we were stationary.
So - yes & no!