April 27th, 2021

Avon & Cally

Icons To Share ... Again!

This set of 13 icons is made for somein30 .... for Round 08: Relationships being the theme.

I did them under the basic mode and opted to make (mostly) 2 icons from some of my truly favourite pairings.

Buffy & Spike - BtVS
Captain Janeway & Chakotay - Star Trek Voyager
Avon & Cally - Blakes 7
Hawkeye & Margaret - M*A*S*H* (the series)
Jack & Sam - Stargate SG1
Dr Mike & Sully - Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman
Hercules & Zena - Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

1 2 3 4 5
Spuffy_(2) Spuffy_(1) Voyager_(2) Voyager_(1) Blakes_7_(2)
6 7 8 9 10
Blakes_7_(1) MASH(1) MASH Stargate_(1) Stargate_(2)
11 12 13
Dr_Quinn_(1) Dr_Quinn_(2) Hercules

As ever, all are snaggable, but credit would be appreciated. The credits are available over at my icon journal - d4s_icons
Essex Girl

Sorry -

Yes, I know, I wasn't around yesterday!  I was very tired, although not so tired that I had to sleep, but enough that my focus on anything wasn't brilliant, so decided not to turn on the pc.  But still managed to have a short walk so my daily trips are still continuing.

Today was yet another busy clinic, so yes I am tired agaain, but not as bad as yesterday so am catching up.  I have had a short walk today as well - I had to get some milk so walked the long way there.  I also picked up a grow bag so that I will be able to grow some tomatoes soon (I adore them)

I don't really have much news, as the clinics were full on and the tiredness is frustrating!!  But, before I go -

26. What physical traits have you inherited from your mother?
My grey hair, which is thick like Mum's (although the curl comes form both my granddads.
My large bust ... all the females on Mum/Grandma's side of the family are "well endowed"

27. Where were you raised for most of your life?
Essex ... if you are English you will have heard of "Essex girls" ... and yes, I am one.  Born there are lived from the age of 6 - 25 (3 months to 6 was in North Wales)