April 23rd, 2021

St Georges Day

Happy St George's Day


I am wearing a red rose, but that's the limit of my celebrations!

However, as I had a day off today I did do a nice 4 mile local walk today (photos to follow)  ... and now sitting to sort the photos and maybe do some art ... or maybe, as the sun is shining, go and sit outside for a time and read a book!  The house is actually pretty clean as I had Tim & Claire here yesterday ... and they are super neat-freaks!  Still it did me a favour!

Anyway, will post this and then do the photos.  Hopefully this evening I will get a chance to catch up with you all, and answer comments, etc.

But ...

23. What is something you do well?
Does day-dreaming count!
Gravestone - hands

PhotoFriday ... Another Local Walk

Did a 4 mile circular walk this morning ... and yes, more signs of Spring are around.  Great to see the colours etc.


I went to the cemetery today - it is a lovely place, and again very Spring-like.  I also took a couple of photos of some of the more unusual stones -



A Titanic victim

I wonder what happened to the other brother as it doesn't say he was accidently killed, yet is listed as a Sapper, as well

A French stone

This stone is new, near M&D ... I just was stunned to see The Last Supper, but is it just me, or is that fence off centre?

And, of couse - Mum & Dad

A couple of years ago they had to cut down some trees (and hey have replaced them with native English trees), however many were made into benches etc ... and this seat is near Mum & Dad

On my way home I went via The Livery Dole which also has the Chapel of St Claire (She was a saint who was a friend of St Francis, and I saw her history when I went to Assissi) The Almshouses were built in 1839 ... to replace others there before it. On another note this was also the area where there was a Gibbit!