April 22nd, 2021

HRH The Queen

Belated Happy Birthday Ma'am

Sorry Ma'am I wasn't online here yesterday - but I do hope that you had a good 95th Birthday.


It must have been very hard for her - with all the family mourning, especially her, and social distancing.  95 years old should have been celebrated, but it was not to be, this year.

I had a dentist appointment as they are still trying to track down why I have pain in one of my teeth ... there is no reason that the dentist can find, but penicillin hasn't made a difference.  But I have to go back again in 2 weeks to see if my new dentist can sort it out.  She is then going to drill through into the root and hope to find a reason, if not, it will be a temporary filling to see if that works.

I had a good walk after lunch today, and then have done some housework.  So it's been a good day today (so far)

Now it's time to do some art work ... I am making some icons for somein30 and seasonal_spuffy
But, I have a couple of days to catch up -

21. What's the best concert you've ever been to?
I have only been to hear James Marsters & Ghost of the Robot.  I think the first James one will remain in my mind forever.
I have played in concerts in a classical orchestra, and a Military-based Wind Band.  All of them were good, and scary, in equal parts.

22. Do you need money to be happy?
More money means more travel - what's not to like!!
However, no, money is not something I need to be happy.