April 5th, 2021

Christ is Risen

Bank Holiday Monday

I have just had a lovely 5 mile walk with Christine - again around the Newton Abbot area.  Amazing how much colder it was today than, Friday.  We even had a few spots of rain while we sat and ate our pasties.  Again. lovely areas to walk, and we saw Puritan's Pit, which was founded at the restoration of King Charles II in a collapsed limestone cavern - as you can see it is very overgrown, although Christine can remember it being used for a special service back in the 1980's








Looking down into The Pit .... and a close up of the steps down (below)


Yesterday we had a good service at Church - and I had a lovely roast lamb meal at my brothers ... yummy

I also have tomorrow off work (no clinic running), so have no excuse not to do housework :(  But when I have finished this I am going to do some of my jigsaw puzzle.  So, overall, I will have had a really nice Easter weekend ... and all without breaking any of the lockdown rules.

However, as ever, before I go -

5. What was your first pet?

The first dog was called Scrappy.  She died when I was 6 but sadly I have absolutely no memory of her.  I think I was probably very upset so hid her in my inner memories.

Our next Spaniel was my shadow when I was in my early 20's.  His name was Perry and sadly died in my arms of a heart attack when he was a month short of his 5th birthday.