March 30th, 2021



That was certainly a weird clinic.  All 5 of the males were really nice people ... and 2 brought consultants with them!  (One as his father, as the patient was 12, and the other as his daughter as he was in his 90's).  We had one patient who didn't know he had requested private treatment (well that was his theory ... even though he had been happy to get an early appt!!), and one who had surgery yesterday and told us 3 different operations ... so all in all a weird selection!  Still, it made the morning go rapidly!

The sun is out and I have just had a 2 mile walk around the local park (you have seen photos in the past Fridays).  It was so lovely I even enjoyed listening to Ghost Story (my least favourite of the Dresden Files)

Now I am here, complete with a cuppa, so this afternoon is going well.  Although I do have some housework I want to do ... I have received a couple of Easter cards, so thought I would dust that cabinet before I put them up.  I have done the other one, so at least I will be balanced - well my lounge cabinets will, any way!

However, before I dig the duster out I want to make a couple of icons (I realised earlier I didn't have a "cake" one), but before I start that -

30. What was the last book you read?

That could be one of 3 answers!

  • This morning, as every morning I read The Bible (I am reading Genesis at present)

  • In an evening I am re-reading the second part of the I Would Still Have Loved You verse by slaymesoftly

  • Today, at work, in brief gaps I read a fourth part of a trilogy (yes, I know, that's weird!). Yesterday I read part #3, and then found that there was a part 4 ... Father's day ... the series has been about spies in the time of the Battle of Trafalgar

Well icons and dust are calling me!  Hope you are all having a good day x