March 23rd, 2021



This morning we actually our clinic finished early so I was able to stop for the minutes silence as this is the first official anniversay of Lockdown.  We stopped to remember 126,000+ deaths through Covid, but also so many others who have died of un-related causes, yet have no services,  So many who have suffered in so many ways.  For the first time I am so glad that Mum & Dad are no longer here.  To not be able to visit, to not be able to spend time with them as I did ... I would never have managed it.  For those who have, and continue to suffer in such a way, my heart goes out to you.

Despite having a busy clinic this morning I did disappear for 3/4 hour - so I could get my second Covid injection.  I had #1 12 weeks ago, almost to the minute.  So far, so good.  I didn't have any problems then, so hope today will be the same.  I plan on having a fairly lazy afternoon, although have ironing to do as I washed and hang outside sheets and some clothes before I left for work this morning.  So I need to re-make my bed and get ironing done.

Other than that I aim to do some more icon making.  I have one on-going challenge which is stumping me, so that's good really (well I tell myself that!)

Well before I get on with other things, I will do today's question -

23. Preferred water temperature for showering?

Warm ... closer to hot, than tepid