March 13th, 2021

Ow - look of shock on face


I decided that as it seemed to be mostly blue skies I decided I would go for a walk.  I wore my heavy coat, so if I got caught out I would mostly stay dry ... brilliant, except for half way round the 10mins of wet was hail stones, not rain.  So I now have a cold, and sore scalp!  Oh well, I shall thaw out.

One of the competitions today for Photocrowd was that of photo manipulation. That is a rare competition, so decided to have a go, and thought I would share the before & after with you for something different -

Shall I point out which was the original, or let you guess!!



So that was a great excuse to stop the spring cleaning I was doing this morning! So what with both of those, as well as some basic shopping I had quite a busy morning. Now I am going to do this and then do some knitting while I watch a DVD ... I have started a re-watch on Blakes 7 . But before I do that I will get the questions done before I switch off the computer for the rest of the weekend -

13. Do you work harder with or without supervision?

With - I can get so easily distracted otherwise

14. Are details more your thing or do you prefer focusing on the big picture?

Depends on what/why/when. Mostly I like the big picture over-view, and sort out the details as I go

Well I think that's me up to date with you all. So will sign off till Monday - Hope you all have a good weekend x