March 11th, 2021

Voyager - Janeway & Chakotey

Well, Not Great ....

... But at least I have tried.

I promised myself I would keep trying to work on banners, and this one is from Star Trek, Voyager


I am having my day off, as I said, however I actually did clean my kitchen surfaces quite thoroughly this morning, so not a full day off after all. I have had a short walk between showers. The wind is cold, so although in theory the temperatures are on the rise, it didn't feel like it. It just started raining again as I arrived back home. While walking I am re-listening to The Dresden Files, so that makes me want to walk further (on normal days!)

Well, more artwork calls, but before I turn off the internet -

11. Where do your friends and family fit in your life? Do you prefer spending time with either group over the other?

Until Mum & Dad died I spent most of my free time with them.
I do love my brothers and spend time (normally) with Brenda, and occasionally Nick & the boys, and get on well with Tim & Claire, but normally they have busy lives.

I have a few friends, but not many. One or two of them I do like spending time with, but a few others I find hard to be with for long times, as years of bullying kicks in and I worry that "the other shoe is going to drop" ... sad, but true