March 1st, 2021


Spring Has Sprung

Hi everyone - and even tho it's not Friday I bring photos.  As I said on Saturday I wouldn't be working today, and have been a good girl (so far).  Lots of Ventolin, a 2 mile walk where I spotted all these lovely Spring colours and I have started giving my Conservatory a good clean.  Jiffy & I used to sit out there in Spring & Autumn ... bright and warm.  So now the sun is back I sat there yesterday afternoon, but realised it needed a super-clean.  So, am about half way through that, but once I have posted this I am going to be lazy for the rest of the day.  The reason for not finding another shift was to try to re-gain my energy ... so working all day would be a bit pointless.

Anyway, enjoy some colour -











Well the people of Exeter certainly had a chance to "feel the earth move".  Neither I nor Tim & Claire heard the "Big Bang" ... and I didn't feel anything (dare I ask my brother & his wife!!).  So, this is the detail of the WWII bomb ..... And, here is the explosion   Exeter had a couple of bad Air Raids, on what were colloquially called The Baedeker Blitz

And, of course, there is a question to start the new month -

1. If you could choose freely, in which company or organization would you most like to work?

A travel/holiday tour company ... I could work as a holiday tester!!