February 24th, 2021

Voyager - Janeway & Chakotey

Just A Wednesday

Work went well this morning - even if we did have one patient who assured me that drinking water would give him a headache.  One of our other patients, a 4 year old boy, was so quiet that his mum said that next time she wanted some peace she would invite me arround for a cuppa!!!  We also had a teenager who failed to turn up.  So, overall a mixed selection of men!

I have actually written a couple of letters this afternoon, and when I have done this I may even write another one.  I owe someone a letter who wrote at Christmas decrying Covid ... saying it just didn't exist.  Her other comment was that all vaccinations were only to add trackers into us ... mind you this is the same person who is "home schooling"  By that I mean her 3 kids have talks about a favourite topic of the day.  When I have asked her about basic subjects, including maths, in the past, she has just said that these things get "picked up" as you go along.  In many ways I wonder why I keep the connection, but I do hope that she will actually see some sense about a few things (although I doubt it!)

Oh well - at least I have an easy question today -

24. What would be the ultimate travel experience for you?

Two years, minimum, on a world tour.  Staying in hotels, and getting a combination of guided tours, and time to explore.  Well, I can dream, can't I??