January 25th, 2021


Snowflake Challenge #13

Challenge #13

In your own space, tell us about 3 fandom resources you use or enjoy. (One or two is fine, especially if you're in a smaller fandom!) Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Most people probably know where to get screen caps for their icon making .... but these are my favourite 3 fandoms, and their links -

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ........ it's kissthemgoodbye.net

Stargate SG-1 ........ it's gateworld.net/sg1 And that site does all the Stargate universe.

Star Trek Voyager Screencaps ........ it's /voy.trekcore.com/gallery And that site does all the Star Trek universes

If I need an addition, eg a hat, my first port of call is www.clker.com

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday .... & 14 Star Wars Icons

Happy Birthday slaymesoftly - I hope that you are having a lovely day ... thanks for your many many gifts to Spuffy fandom

Hope that the coming year is special for you


This set of icons was made last year for Round 18 of the Big Battle in itsabattlefield ... and they are from Star Wars IX, and the theme was Basic v Complex

Basic 4_zpsujwuivbx Basic 2_zpslh5hjxnx Basic 5_zpsfvdbmlv4 Basic 3_zps2uo4bnef Basic 1_zps4bq5n1om

Complex 2_zps7ruaupb6 Complex 4_zpsw4ujqgmb Complex 1_zpslpbhvj2p Complex 5_zpsjixfpjyc Complex 3_zpsge4dfseg

And I did an extra one -

These 3 icons were made for a different competition, but as they are also from Star Wars IX I thought I would share them here, as well

hmreg3upxd541_zpsltjfi5cg hmreg3upxd541a_zpshhbumavw 4k-swrise-starwarsscreencaps.com-17656_zpsyzyrpkja

As ever all are snaggable - credits are available over at my icon journal d4s_icons

And,, while here I will do today's question -

25. What’s the best method of transportation where you live?

Foot or car!!!!
Acyually I live on a bus route into the city 1.5 miles away ... there you can get othere buses, local and a bit further, national coaches, trains ... and about 5 miles away an airport.  So, yes very lucky.