January 16th, 2021

Woodland walk

A Local Roadway

As I said yesterday I actually took them then, but decided to post today  (thus the photo-Friday link!)

For those who don't know I live in a city in South West England, about 2 miles from the centre ... however walking 5 minutes further out this is one of the roads you get to. I walked down it for about 1.5 miles to get to the supermarket. (I do have Lidl's about 4 mins but once in a while I walk to Tesco's as it's a nice walk, and get a good range of food (will admit I really only eat brand-name cereals)

So, here we are in Devon ...


As I walked along I noticed on half the road the farmer had done a lovely job of cutting & laying hedges
And, as you can see, here's Tesco's

And, I had better keep up (2 days as I don't "do" Sundays)

16. Think about a job you hated. What did you learn from it?
I have loved all my jobs, but have hated parts of each job!
My latest job, nursing, has taught me how to do a quick and thourough blanket-bath. I know it's a standard joke, and with some people it's not a nice job, but I was able to put on my "professional" head to look after Mum & Dad when they needed it. So the tough thing of dealing with bathing extreemly obese people, has taught me how to clean and dry someone rapidly and thoroughly. (And still makes me annoyed as to why some people get to be that weight! Sorry, but it is hard work!)

17. What’s your favorite way to spend a Friday night?
For about 10 years I belonged to a Band with about 20 members who rehearsed on Fridays. That was fun, but hard work, as I was one of the few who hadn't been a Military Bandsman.
Now, I just enjoy a night in front of the TV ... but that's the same as most nights anyway.

Yay, A Meme

.... so long since there has been a small new meme, so have snagged this from ysilme

NOOOOOO GOOGLING ALLOWED. Use your own brain power. Every answer must start with the first letter of your LAST name.

So my surname finishes with a double G, so I can't escape what letter I need to use!

Wear - Goloshes
Drink - Gin
Place – Greece, or Glasgow if you want a city
Food -  Gruyère cheese (I did have to Google the spelling, but did the thinking without it!)
Animal - Giraffe
Girl Name - Grace
Boy Name - George
Profession - Gardener
Describe Someone – Good
Body Part – Guts

Yep, it is a bit harder than I expected!


OOOOOOOOOOOps - I used the last letter, and it has been pointed out to me that I should have done it with the first ... so, here it is again, with the first letter ... W

Wear - Waterproof
Drink - Water
Place – Washington
Food -  Wafers
Animal - Westie (had to be, didn't it Jiffy)
Girl Name - Wendy
Boy Name - William
Profession - Waiter (or Watcher if you like BtVS)
Describe Someone – Wicked
Body Part – White Blood Cell