January 9th, 2021

Voyager - J/C

Snowflake Challenge #5

Challenge #5

In your own space, promote a canon/talk about a part of canon that you love. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

As I commented on the #3 challenge I am a huge fan of Janeway/Chakotay in Star Trek Voyager.

Ironically I almost didn't watch the series, as I am not a great fan of "women leaders", but a friend asked me to video a couple of episodes, in the days when you had to either watch what was on video, or no TV!! So I saw a couple of episodes and was hooked.

Yes, we have a female boss, but as you explore the story you realise she is totally by herself. No help, no family, no one to ask advice from ... and as boss no one she could really ask for help from. In some ways, although certainly not a boss I have always been a real loner. I have increased my love of this fandom in the last year or so, since I lost my parents ... andcertainly with lockdown. That isolation that Katheryn Janeway has really seems to ring bells!

Chakotay was the great "bad boy" who had accepted what had happened, and was doing his best to try to help everyone. Again something I can link myself to ... not the bad boy bit, but I do like to help people, and like him still tend to feel a bit isolated. However he fell for his boss, and really spent time trying to help her ... but she only accepted help to a certain point.

However the theory was that they wouldn't get home for 50+ years ... so maybe if they had both had time to actually accept the bad things that were happening, maybe they could accept each other.  One argument she used was that she wouldn't want to get close to anyone that she would then have to "order" into a risky situation, as if she already had feelings then she would still have been injured by they pain.

So, yes, good fan-fic between the 2 of them is fun to read.

For many, I know you would be expecting me to write about Spike ... as yes, I could write about him for ages.  I am still a fan of his character, but thought i would do something different! This was originally post on Dreamwidth
Wells Cathedral

2 Days, As I Won't Be Posting Tomorrow

I am actually doing 2 days of the daily-meme, as I won't be posting tomorrow.

I have always tried to "Keep Sundays Special" and I am going to try to keep away from the computer on Sundays. It's always been something I have tried to maintain, but I think with lockdown I have got a lot tougher on myself ... all days tend to blend together, so by keeping my Sundays different I will be keeping the 4th Commandment, as well as actually knowing which day of the week I am on!!

9. What makes you suspicious of other people?

I do sometimes wonder if some people are too good to be true. However the real answer is that I mostly just get nervy as I say Hello ... First impressions usually stick for me

10. Do you enjoy dystopian future books/movies?

Well I have always thought that I learn things from friends on LJ, but in this case I had to look up the description ... Thanks Wikepedia ... and I thave only seen a few on the list -
Batman, Farenehit 451, 1984, Time Machine
As my previous post today said I love StarTrek, and Star Wars ... but I suppose I mostly like future fics where life is better ... although, maybe that's the same for all stories, past/present/future ... I like a happy ending!