January 4th, 2021

James - totally fascinated

What An Amazing "First Patient"

This morning I was back to work after a 10 day seasonal break ... but as ever, Mondays turn up rapidly!!

So, the first patient today was a vert special lady ... in herself just a normal lady with urological problems, however, the special thing is that she is 14 weeks pregnant. So, when we started the bladder scan, Debbie (the physiologist) offered to show the patient the baby ... so I got to see a 14 week old "baby". To see the tiny, tiny heart beating - and then the baby turned and we got to see it's back. I may have given up my profession as an osteopath 10 years ago, yet to see this baby's miniscule spinal bones was truly something special.

As I have never had a baby this was the first time I had seen this, and it was truly a wonderful way to start my year back at work ... maybe something special to remember when days feel a bit dark.

Well, I am still glowing from that, although soon I need to get organised to go to the gym. We aren'tt allowed classes, but the gym is staying open with trainers around to help if needed.

So, let's do the Daily Meme while on-line:-

4. Do you miss anything from your teenage years?
I miss the relaxed life of family ... when I was close to brothers, as well as Mum & Dad. No bills, no worries, no plans to make.
However, at the time I am sure that I never noticed this relaxation at the time!