December 11th, 2020


It's A Small World ...

... (but as my brother Tim would say - ) "I wouldn't like to paint it!!

Anyway -

I have managed to get back to the gym this week, twice, so am really pleased to be re-focussing again.  However yesterday while we had a small water break I was talking to one of the ladies, you know the normal about Christmas, although this year it is more of a "can you do something" due to restrictions etc.  Anyway she said she was visiting her daugher, who lived "in the east" ... I asked where and she started with a general town in Suffolk.  I hadn't heard of the town, so she mentioned a town in Essex, which I did know as it's near where my Aunt lives.  So she then went on to mention other towns, which I knew and eventually said the small town that she lived in ... yes I knew that.  She seemed suprised, so I said I grew up in Essex ... and, it turned out we were both born in Ilford, and grew up in Upminster .... so, as I said, "What a small world".  She is a couple of years older than me, so we didn't mmeet (in fact we went to different schools)

I have had a pretty good week overall, having to only sleep on one afternoon.  I have almost finished my card writing, think I have done all my pressie shopping ... so all in all going pretty well.  When I have written this I am going to walk to the post office to get cards sent abroad, so that will be another tick in the box.

This morning I went into Exeter to shop, and met Claire for coffee, which was really lovely ... and we both had a cake, which was super lovely!

Hope that you are all keeping well and safe ... I will try and catch up with you all later today x