November 9th, 2020

Harry Dresden


I had to have my car serviced this morning.  Normally I would leave the car and get the bus into the city and potter ... however with Lockdown that wasn't going to work!  So I dropped the car off, took a seat and waited ... 4 hours!

Still, it gave me a chance to read "Battle Ground", which is the latest Dresdon Files book.  I had read "Peace Talks" really quickly, but although I had started BG I hadn't been able to sit and read ... so today was the classic excuse.

Anyway I had water, a comfy seat, and a book ... a nice Monday morning (although Mum wouldn't have approved, as Monday is washing day!!)

Anyway there were a couple of others sitting in the waiting area ... I got about half way through the book when I hit the shock (no spoiler though), and it took me all my strength not to yell "No" out loud. 

I remember when I read, and later heard, "Changes" for the first time ... I did scream out loud then, as I was by myself.  I Am looking forward to hearing how James reads it, at some point.  "Changes" is actually one of my favourite of the series, but "Battle Ground"  is not going to be on that list.

Anyway, I have a couple more chapters to read, so I am going to make myself a cuppa and finish the book.