November 6th, 2020

James - silhouette

Well I Shall Never Find Anything Now!

I had yesterday off (and don't work Fridays) so have given my kitchen cabinets a good clean and tidy.  Sadly I had a lot of "very" empty spaces where Jiffy's things had been ... so it was a combination of cleaning and moving things.  However, a you can guess, it all made sense as I was doing them, but whether I shall remember what I decided is another matter!!

I heard from the cemetery yesterday to say that Jiffy's grave marker was in.  However as we are in lockdown, I don't think Boris would count a 45 minute drive to look at my little man's grave as essential driving (Can't think why!!) ... so the team took photos and sent them to me.  However once we are free again that is a trip I shall be doing.  This is the marker provided for him, but I still plan to get a granite stone come the new Year.


Today Claire is having the first of her implant replacement ops.  I haven't worked out why they are having to do 2 ops.  Anyway it is 7 years since her mastectomy & implant, and due to scarring, and her age she needs a new implant, so that was booked for March, but caught lockdown that time.  This time lockdown is still doing hospital appointments, so she has op one today.

Well I am not going to do any more housework today, as still trying to be a good girl ... but I have to go for a walk and collect a prescription on the way back, want to do some artwork for icons, and more of the throw I am crochetting (I am watching the Indiana Jones series while doing that!!)

Hoping you all have a good day x