November 4th, 2020

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Just Trying To Show I Can Post!!

Let me start with wishing kazzy_cee a really lovely day - Happy Birthday.  Hope that you are having a super day, and it's the start of a special year ahead 

Well, so much for getting involved in a gymn as part of my routine ... Lockdown starts tomorrow, so classes are cancelled.  They are going online, but my pc is in such a place it is impossible to do that ... and as an old machine/old screen I can't "zoom" ... anyway, I need someone to actual "kick me" to keep going!  So, I have been a good girl and not cancelled the membership but just put it on hold.  Oh well, I will try and do some "proper" local walks.

I am now having a few days off work, as the original plan had been to go to London ... but I cancelled anyway as I hadn't wanted to leave Jiffy, and I love just popping in & out of museums, whereas you were having to book visits etc.  Now, of course, everything will be closed as from tomorrow - so it will be next November before I head there again ... so, sorry deborahw37 we won't get to meet this year as we have in the past ... pencil in next November!

So I have a few other plans - I need to do my CPR training, as that is out of date (we go annually for a lot of our training), I also am getting my car serviced ... so, all in all exciting!!  I also want to give my kitchen a good clean/sort out.  Removing Jiffy's things has left space, so a re-sort is needed.  I took the unopened tins/treats to a RSPCA shelter yesterday, so am pleased they are going to animals in need.

Well, I had better get on.  I want to do some icons before heading down to do some more work on the crocheted blanket I am making for a Christmas pressie.

Hope you are all well xx