October 9th, 2020


Friday 5

Thought I would do the thefridayfive again ....

1) What is the oldest thing you own?
I have quite a few items from my Great Grandparents .... including a clock on the wall, that was bought for their wedding in 1885.  Think that's about as far back as I go (although I do also own an ammonite fossil, that a friend gave me, so with or without evolution ages, that is certainly old)

2) What is the oldest home you've lived in?
Our home in Bude (see previous post for picture!!) was finished in 1928.  My present one is the newest

3) What is the oldest book you've read?
The Bible!   And, again I have a copy of the Bible from the 1800's.
However I do have a book of Children's hymns dated 1831

4) What is the oldest electronic device that you still use?
Still in use I have a video player in my bedroom.

5) What is the oldest work of art/architecture that you've seen?
Look at the picture (!!!) - Stonehenge!
I have also seen a lot of Greek and Roman ruins

So, maybe I am not as old as I thought ... others are older!

I love being surrounded by my family items ... 140 years of history around, and I think I can say that I know the history of everything.