September 30th, 2020


September Is Finishing ....

... so I had better catch up with the final missing questions ...

26 What’s one small thing you’ve accomplished today that wasn’t even on your to-do list?

Emptying bins around the house ... I would need to do them tomorrow otherwise (it's bin day on Friday), so I am ahead of myself.

27 If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be?

28 Is there a book or TV series that you enjoy, but acknowledge that it's not actually very good? What makes you love it enough to keep reading/watching?

I still love Blakes 7, despite it being one of the classical sci fi shows that has "wobbly sets", so that's fun to spot. Just loved it when I first saw it - and that has never gone!!

29 If you were your own best friend, what piece of unsolicited advice would you give yourself?
Look at yourself in mirrors - and enjoy!

30 What television sitcom is your real life most like?

Nothing I can think of specifically ... no one would write my life! I think I tend to relate to varios characters in various shows.