September 25th, 2020


Sorry - I "Dipped" Again

In managing to keep working, even though it's only a few hours 4 times a week, I haven't really done much else - so sorry, both in not catching up with you all as I had planned, but also behind in the meme ... so here is catch-up time.

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As to other news, with illness and "pandemic" there is no real news.

Day off today - so have wasing on the line, ready to iron later. Have made a couple of icons for the new comm somein30 ... and after I have done this I will give my bathroom a good clean, but that will be it.

I spoke to my GP yesterday and he is going to refer me to the Chronic Fatigue "people", although he doubts they will be able to help as I am doing most of the things that I should do ... still worth seeing if there is anything I am missing.

I still have Jiffy with me ... but poor boy is very skinny now, as although he is still eating, it's very little. But he is stillhappty to have a couple of short strolls, and loves cuddling up to me overnight, so some positives in the sadness of seeing him age.

The family are all keeping well, except for nephew #2 who managed to dislocate his knee playing football. So that's a worry at present, but work are being good at supporting him, so that's important.