September 19th, 2020

James - Rock On!

Solitaire Made Me Do It!!

... although I realise I have also lost a day!

I turned on the pc yesterday to post (but now know I had lost the previous day as well).  However I made some icons, and then was going to meme when I decided to play a game of Spider ... and saw there was a solitaire I hadn't tried, and somehow lost an hour playing "40 Thieves" ... and then it was lunchtime!! So it wasn't really my fault, was it???

Anyway, as I have now found out I have 3 days here

17 If you were given $1M, with the stipulation that you must spend it on yourself within one year, how would you spend it?
I would travel - having bought a new car, new clothes, have the house decorated etc.
I would also take my family & friends anywhere they want on my travels ... as that would still be spending the money on me!

18 What do you daydream about?
Travel - places to visit

19 What was the first song you ever memorized?
I think it was Lily The Pink by The Scaffold, released in 1968 when I was 7 (not at all PC, btw)