September 14th, 2020


Sorry - A Weekend Off-Line

Had a good weekend - hope you all did so, as well.

Met up with a friend from Church on the Saturday morning in her garden, so it was good to spend some time with a friend.  Something we used to take for granted, now it is special ... but maybe that's good, as well.  It makes me appreciate people, and "events" more.

Anyway - here's the meme catch-up

12 Do you experiment with your hairstyle often, or do you have a classic style you stick with?
LOL - On my graduation Day, in 1983, I was just 22, and other than the colour, the style is the same as it is now!!

13 What’s your favorite childhood story or fairy tale?
I have such fond memories of Rupert Bear ... as Granddad used to cut them out of the paper, and Grandma would read them to the 3 of us.  So it was not so much a favourite story, as opposed to a family memory.

But also look at the last book on my list.

14 What are your Top Ten favorite books?

  • The Bible

  • Rilla of Ingleside (slightly my favourite of the Anne series by LM Montgomery)

  • Changes (my favourite of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher)

  • Mary of Carisbroke (by Margaret Campbell Barnes)

  • The Following of The Star (by Florence L Barclay)

  • When We Were Very Young (by AA Milne)

  • Just So Stories (by Rudjard Kipling)

  • I never Knew That About England (by Christopher Winn)

  • Selection of WWI poetry (I have a couple, but one if my go-to of them)

  • Noddy at the Seaside (by Enid Blighton) ... that was my favourite book as a child, and in fact I could actually quote the whole book as a 5 year old!!

Worked this morning, now I have letters to write!!