August 8th, 2020

Woodland walk

No News = No Posts!

Yes the last couple of weeks has been a similar patteren ... work, sleep, looking after my Little Man.  He is doing "OK" ... slowing up, but still managing to eat a few bites of food, and potter fro a short walk, so I continue to look after him.

No real news at all, so really haven't turned on my pc at all .... anyway thought I would pop in and say Hi, and post a couple of photos as I went for a walk yesterday with Christine.  For many Newton Abbot is a small market town with nothing much for it - yet one of the parks is really lovely ... so nice to have a couple of hours away, until I was almost back to the car and I pulled my calf muscle (the one on the side that I have already damaged my Achilles Tendon ... so "Ouch")

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