July 27th, 2020

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Bugs!

While Porky's Hare Hunt was the first Warner Bros. cartoon to feature a Bugs Bunny-like rabbit, A Wild Hare, directed by Tex Avery and released on July 27, 1940, is widely considered to be the first official Bugs Bunny cartoon (Thanks Wikepedia)


And so I had a reason to actually sit at the pc!

I am still just doing 4 mornings a week at work, although last week I ended up having to sleep each afternoon - so far, so good today! Last Friday I did a 3 mile walk, and felt good - so that was something I could take forward into this week.

Jiffy is not doing brilliantly now, which is hard to watch. He had a tummy bug last week so ended up seeing his friend Marni ... his vet has known him all his life, and she admitted it was hard to see him like this, as well. She said he is "OK", but very frail. So I just watch him sleep, and take him for a tiny walk, and make sure his dinner is sorted out! He is not in pain, and very peaceful, so I am so, so, so thankful about that.

I had an optician's apt on Friday (the reason for the walk), and the good news is the blindness in the right eye hasn't got any worse this year (I was paniced last year as it had dropped from 10% sight loss, to 50%). However the bad news was that I need new glasses - and as I have sunglasses as well, that was an expensive appointment!!

I enjoyed "Peace Talks" (the Harry Dresden book), although looking at some of the Facebook comments on their pages, there were a few people who weren't happy. Still, we now have till September to wait for the final part of the story.

Our Church is still meeting "on-line", and being quite a large group, as well as our pastor due for paternity leave, it looks as if things won't change anytime soon.

Well the trouble with lockdown, etc, is there is no real news. So will sign off here, hoping you are all keeping well & safe ... will try and catch upa bit later.