June 15th, 2020


6 Months

Yes, it was 6 month from thr time I took off my nursing uniform, until the time I put it on again this morning.

Same clinic as in the past, but so, so many changes with social distancing, PPE, etc, etc.  One terrible thing is we have to wear a mask, all the time.  Technically we can't remove our mask for a slurp of water, but as I saw our Charge Nurse having a drink, I decided that if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me!!  So, yes, I had a quick slurp!

I am doing 5 mornings a week until the end of July, and then will see what is happening ,,, however I don't want to lose my 3 day weekend long term.  But afetr 6 months of no money (I am on a zero hour contract, so don't get statutaory sick pay ... just a basic allowance) it is good to both be working, as well as earning some money.  Stress wise I won't be doing any admin stuff for a time, so it will mean I rest in an afternoon.  I am also happier doing shorter shifts as it means Jiffy will only be jeft for 4 hours - so I am happier about that.

It's weird how shops are still missing things ... went to get a load from a large Tescos earlier this afternoon ... at least they had flour, but why is dessicated coconut still missing.  Some very random items seem to be popular!

I hope that you are all keeping well, and safe