May 23rd, 2020

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A Couple Of Slices Of History

In actual fact I was going to post this post, even before I saw today's question.

As many of you know, I was bullied for 8 - 9 years (so this answers question #23), and it has left me isolated. I know I don't make friends, and step away from most people when I first meet them ... it's a defence mechanism, that means I can't get hurt with peopl pulling away from me. Stupid, I know, but years of "training" are impossible to break.

Anyway, this week I actually met up with someone from work for a socially-distant walk. They offered, and I was a good girl, and said yes.

Then yesterday I had the most amazing invitation, that has really hit me deeply. Mum & Dad's neighbour (who I have kept in touch with .... normally while Jiffy was having a haircut I would pop in for a catch-up), Eric, died at the beginning of the month. He was a truly lovely man. Well as most of the world is aware funerals are impossible. He died of a stroke, and they were given 10 seats at the Chapel So I said I would go to the "bench-naming" ceremony when lockdown is rmoved. The couple have 5 children (3 living) and all of them have children & grandchildren ... it is a huge, and pretty close, family. So, they organised their 10 guests OK. However due to family living arrangements the Crem have said they can have 2 further guests, and yes, they have asked me. To say I was humbled & honoured is a true understatement.

So next Wednesday I shall be going to Torquay, for a sad reason, but a very special reason

22 What small thing can you plan to do tomorrow that you’ve never done before?
Nothing, that I can think of

23 What would your teen self think of the adult you’ve become?
I suppose also I would be suprised I am single, as my upbringing was very much that of "getting married, and living happily after".  But combining ththe 2 answers, maybe I am not suprised I'm single.

One of the projects I aimed to do was sort through the family photos, and photograph them, but Tim has the annuals, and tells me that he will do it!

Well as it turned out, my cousin sent me a few photos that his mum had, so took the photos yesterday - now I am mid-editting, and hoping Tim does as he promied.

This picture is my maternal Great-Grandmother.  Auntie Marion had written that is was taken in Bath, so if so it was pre-1887, as that is when they emigrated to Toronto.  (I know Tim has a photo of her taken in Toronto, so will post that if I ever I get a copy) ... but until then meet Julia Hillson

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