May 15th, 2020

Spuffy - Buffy's face + Spike's hand

Handy Person!

15 Are you right- or left-handed? How competent are you with your non-dominant hand?

Actually I am pretty ambi-dextrous.

Until I was 12 if you had asked be I would have said I was right-handed. However I changed judo instructors then, and the new teacher got annoyed with the previous one over me! He wanted to know why, it had never been questioned as to why I was not being taught right-handed techniques, as most fight right-handed. I argued that I was right, and he asked me to demonstrate a couple of break-falls, and a couple of hold-downns and, yes, I did them left handed!!

About 20 years ago I took up fencing, and learnt right handed, as most of the kit was right, and most people fight right-handed. However I injured my right shoulder about 5 years down the sign and my teacher suggested I tried left handed ... and I was able to swap automatically (in fact a couple of people commented that my posture was better)

So, yes, I write right-handed ... and I suppose I use scissors and knives in my right, but for most things I can use either. Although having severly injured my left hand 13 years ago, I suppose I am now more right-hand dominant, again.

When I was working as an osteopath I worked left-handed.