May 14th, 2020

James - silhouette

Oh Dear - I Did Get Behind ....

Sorry about that! I knew I had missed a couple of days - but a week! OOOoops. Oh well, here's the catch-up:-

7 Did you have a teacher who inspired to learn and grow as person?
I was told by an English teacher when I was 13 - 14 that it was a waste of time her teaching me.  So at 15 I was actually moved up a grade ... and this teacher actually got on my wavelength (in fact there were 3 of us who had the same).  In the weeks before my exams she st homework just for us ... and, yes, I have  grade B in language and a C in literature (both are passes)
So she taught me that if I can actually focus my way, I can get things done.  So much so I did go to college and have the degree-equivalent.
Thanks Miss Wyatt

8 What is the worst food you’ve ever had to force yourself to eat to be polite?
When I stayed with friends in Colorado back in '94, Mum & Dad were totally amused as most of our evening meals were made of fish ... which I really don't like!  However I hope/think Marilyn & George never realised.
Most of the food I refuse are due to allegies ... the rest, I pin on the smile, take a deap breath and chew

9 What is a mistake people often make about you?
I think people think I am confident ... I am absolutely not

10 Have you ever been sky diving, bungee jumping or scuba diving?
No, No, and No ... Do I want to try them ... NO, NO & NO!!

11 What class at Hogwarts would you really excel at?
Hard to say as I'm not really into the HP series (sorry)

12 What new fact have you recently learned?
Trying to think of something specific ... I look at a lot of documeteries, yet sadly infor goes in one eyeball, and out the other!

13 What’s something you were afraid of as a child? Are you still afraid of it?
Spiders ... and yes they are still auper-scarey

14 What compliment do you receive most often?
None that I can think of ... Mum used to tell me I was pretty, but she died almost 5 years ago now (I used to say that the only reason she said it was that she had poor eyesight!!!  As she is the only one who has said that I used to know it's Mum-eyes)

Well, that's me back up to date - I will try to do better for the rest of the moth!