May 13th, 2020

No time

What A Day

Well today is my posting day over at seasonal_spuffy ... and over the last couple of weeks I have made 40 icons.  Brilliant I hear you say!  Well, it would be brilliant if my lap-top that I made them on hadn't died last night!  And, I mean totally dead ... so as soon as I have scribbled this I have to get my thinking cap on and make some more icons!

Added to that today I should have been on holiday (so I only signed up to do the icons when I knew that had been cancelled).  I was due to be visiting some WWI sites this week, and this afternoon shoud have been at the tank museum at Cambrai.  I had been especially looking forward to that as I wanted to get my photo taken with their prize exhibit - a WWI tank, called Deborah!!!  Yes all the early tanks had female names beginning with D, and one they have on display is my name.
 photo ct1917cf-moreau-98-100410_2_zpsm6c2euqx.jpg

It was really appropriate that it was going to be today, as it is also the anniversary of my namesake's birth DJ (my initials)  is 21 today!

So, Happy Birthday boy

I had planned to get caught up with the meme, but looks like icons call, so will get that done later (or tomorrow)

Must rush -- Hope you are all well and safe x
Spike - Vampire face + the big bad

Spike Fic

As I have been making icons today, a lot were from the Season 3 episode "Lovers Walk". So while pondering that I ended up writing a short ficlet ... not beta'd ... so please excuse the mistakes

Having A Bitch

*Wanna Be Sedated …*

Yeah, I think I need to be sedated. I love Dru, and want her back, but she threw me out.

Two women, and they both love Angel. Yet they are so different.

One lives in her own world and even though I have loved her for more than a hundred years she still throws me out at the least little excuse. The other fights for her family and friends, even if it means she has to die.

Maybe I am right in saying that “love isn’t brains”, it’s straight from the heart.

But maybe my heart has had enough. Maybe I need to make another truce with Buffy. It was fun earlier fighting with her, and even if that doesn’t work out, she is a great opponent. What a way to go!

So, yes, I think I am looking at this all wrong … Watch out Sunneyhell, here I come