May 9th, 2020


Blakes 7 Icons

This set of icons is made for Round 16 of [community profile] icons10in20 ... and I decided to go with a bizarre theme ... Aliens and Baddies from the TV series Blakes 7.  So if you don't recognise anyone, that's why!

1.. Floating 2.  Matching Outfit+BG 3.. One Eye 4.  Pastel 5.  Background text
 photo 1.  Floating_zpsfdga2yle.jpg  photo 2.  Matching OutfitBG_zpsmhjndan8.jpg  photo 3.  One Eye_zpsywxi578p.jpg  photo 4.   Pastel_zps7rwttl4d.jpg  photo 5.  Background text_zpshtxhgnyc.jpg
6.  Speech Bubble 7.  Dance 8.  Dark Colour 9.  Hidden Face 10.  Look Up
 photo 6.  Speech Bubble_zpssfgc1nwq.jpg  photo 7.   Dance_zpsdqrwauph.jpg  photo 8.   Dark Colour_zpscy7go7yp.jpg  photo 9.  Hidden face_zpsuaor6cu7.jpg  photo 10.   Look up_zpsfyzgx5wa.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable, but credit would be appreciated. The credits are available over at my icon journal d4s_icons

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