May 1st, 2020

Sound of Music

May's Here

Well the sun is out again, so that's good news. It was nice to get a day of rain though as, although I am not a keen gardener, I do have tubs of plants ... so nice to see some flowers, and healthy shoots.

I spoke to my doctor yesterday - and am still signed off work. The clinics I normally work in will soon be re-starting on a small number of patients, as cancer testing services are re-starting. However the manager is not happy about me being in the hospital as an asthmatic (although mine is very mild), but my GP has signed me off due to post-viral fatigue afetr the Christmas & January flu bugs. So at present am off work, and trying to build up my stamina levels.

On another note, I made 5 icons for moviefilmstills ... we had to pick out "comfort movie", and I know it is corny ... but it has to be "Sound of Music".  So thought you might like to see them -

 photo 1_zpsdovbcgpc.jpg  photo 2_zpsjggh9yko.jpg  photo 3_zpsc0oppbbb.jpg  photo 4_zps5gzjtunl.jpg  photo 5_zpsp80f2snl.jpg


Well, I got a bit distracted last month, so thought I would go back to the meme, and see if that keeps me focused ... so ...

May 1 Who made you feel good this week?
Jiffy - he is having a good day, and we had a good walk this morning.

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Well weekend is coming, if that makes a difference to many of us. But, enjoy