April 28th, 2020

Sanity - overated!

I Obviously Have A Small Mind!!

Well, you have heard the phrase -
"Little things please little minds (and little trousers fit little behinds)"
Well I came home from the shops this morning super excited ... I had managed to buy yeast!  So, you see obviously a very small brain, for such a thing to be great.  Jiffy didn't seem as impressed at all.

On other news, I actually came close to loosing my little man yesterday - on Sunday he had a really bad day, trying to be sick, not wanting to settle, etc.  Then Monday moring he got up and passed copious amounts of nasty diarrhoea.  I spoke to his vet, who couldn't see him until the afternoon.  So I spent a tough day ... however, about 3pm he suddenly got up and ate his lunch, which I had prepared as normal, and asked to go out for a walk.  I drove to the park, and off he pottered!  Yes I still drove him to his vets (a half hour drive, as he kept the same lady), and she examined him ... laughing!  He is on antibiotics and probiotics, but she said when she spoke to me on the phone she actually wondered if I would be bringing him in or not.  So, a close call.  But at almost 14 something I need to acknowledge anyway!

So, this morning before my exciting shopping trip we had a short walk, as normal ... and the day continues ... certainly less stressful than yesterday!

The weather has cerainly changed hasn't it?  Must be proof that summer is round the corner!

Hope that you are all keeping well and safe, Take care x