April 2nd, 2020

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Tiredness Is Still Winning!

I am not getting any better (booo), or worse (hurrah!).  I feel guilty that as a nurse I am not working in this pandemic.  Everyone I know reminds me that I have worked shifts over the years when I could ... and the best thing i.s to continue to avoid risk, and thus avoid becoming worse, or even ill with Corona.  I poke to my GP today and he reminded me that I had similar 4 years ago, which I thought was because I had lost Mum & Dad  ... but maybe I still haven't fully come to terms with that.  Overall it is stll the combination of the double-flu, CFS ... and maybe the stress of Mum & Dad, and certainly the stress of work-guilt

So overall, my doctor has signed me off for another month.  And the reminder that my body will take it's own time ... like 4 years ago (he also pointed out that I wasn't as ill on the inital infection then)

So I must learn patience!

Hope evryone else is keeping well and safe ... I will try and be a better girl at being around
Group *hugs * (with a 2m gap as requested by the UK goverment!)