February 22nd, 2020

K9 & Cyberman

Enjoying Topsham

This last week has been half-term, which means that my friend Christine has been off work. Pre-Christmas we had arranged to meet and do something (especially as it's her birthday today), however as I really am not coping well at present (yes, I have just been signed off for another 2 weeks), she came up on the bus yesterday. We had lunch here (she brought pasties with her), and then we went on the bus to a local town, which is now part of the city. So a stroll round (and yes, the weather was kind), and then a cuppa and cake, and so back home. Am extra tired today, but otherwise I am so, so glad we did it. (And I bought another jigsaw from a charity shop)

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Happy Birthday, Christine
Kindle Readers (7 & the doctor)

Three Days - Three Questions

20 What’s a childish thing you still do as an adult?

21 You’re making yourself a fruit salad with five different fruits. Which five fruits will you include?
Pineappl, Orange, Apple, Melon, Strawberry (and Grape, if I cheat) .... I love fruit

22 Do you prefer being left alone on a long bus or train ride or would you rather chat with a random stranger next to you?
I always have a kindle (or book) with me, so don't really mind either way.