February 13th, 2020

Breast Cancer

Happy Anniversary Claire ....

As of lunchtime yesterday she has been cancer free for 6 years. I have always focussed on that fact, not that she had a mastectomy 6 years ago. As she didn't need chemo, or radio, then this is the day of being clear.

I had lunch with her (and Tim) and we shared a bottle of wine between the 2 girls, and talked and laughed. Then we had afternoon tea! A lovely day, and one when she was able to open up about future surgery, and their work situations. So after all the stresses I have had with them over the last couple of years it made the time that much more special.

And so I can catch up the last couple of days -

12 Would you rather be locked overnight in a library, a museum, or a zoo?
101% in a museum .... I love museums, and there is never enough time to see everything (and if the coffee shop stays open, then it is truly a winning night)

13 What are your top three long-range goals?
a) Be able to do my long distance, and expensive trips ... I would love to see The Pyramids, The Holy Land & Jordan, China, Japan, South & Central America ... as well as go back to USA & Canada
b) To be able to get my spare room organised - it is still a muddle 4 years after we sold Mum & Dad's house
c) To actually get all the hancraft projects done ... you know, those ones I have started, or just have bought but not even started
WOW - with this list I will need to live to be 100 (and marry a millionaire to finance it!)